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            Even Angels Will Fall

            On the day we finally moved into the e-world
            we discovered many could not handle the transition.

            We put their virtual bodies into zip file institutions
            on the slim possibility that one day we could wake them.

            The first weeks were all about the candle-lit vigils
            but eventually we just got on with it.

            Some of us flourished, especially those who hadnt
            had much truck with reality to begin with.

            We programmed our own laws of physics.
            I became a blonde angel modelled on one Id seen

            in an old-school TV ad for antiperspirant.
            I landed on the pavement next to my ex

            but he had missed the point entirely
            and was still bitter and old and unimpressed

            Rachel Coventry
              ?/span>The Moth is a beautiful creature?/span> David Mitchell

            It manages to have gravitas and coolness simultaneously?/span> National Poetry Library (UK)

            ?/span>No other magazine like it?/span> Billy Collins

            ?/span>A rare literary gem?/span> Dermot Healy

            ?/span>The Moth is an amazing magazine?/span> Donal Ryan

            ?/span>The Moth magazine is a thing of beauty?Caoilinn Hughes












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